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There are millions upon millions of websites out there that have hundreds upon hundreds of different tips for leaders. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’ve always been a “proof is in the pudding” guy. You could sit all day and read leadership tips, but unless you actually go out and implement these new ideas, then you’re just wasting your time. Leadership isn’t easy. Every situation is different, and every outcome is different (what’s that analogy about skinning a cat?). I’ve always found that the best tips aren’t really tips at all, I’d put them more in the category of basic common sense.

Here’s a better way of putting it, here are four basic leadership tips that really aren’t tips at all. Think of them more as common sense tips. Can it really be that easy? Think of it like this, in every zombie movie, if the leader would just use common sense, they’d all survive right?

Zombie Face1. Listen –
You’re in charge. You have your crew surrounding you, each with a different thought, an idea, a story. Do you listen or do you shrug your shoulders and turn away? Wouldn’t you want to know if a building full of zombies was up ahead? Five minutes of listening could save your life, or your business.

2. Communicate –
To win we must work as a team to bypass the infected zone and escape the city unharmed. Here’s how we’re going to do it, here’s why we’re going to do it, and here’s what the outcome will be. I’m telling you this because in order to get out alive, we are must be in this together.  If I don’t tell you, we fall apart.

3. Be Honest –
It’s never easy. These are our goals, and this is why we must reach them. But what if this guy is putting us on? What has he shown that makes me want to follow him? What has he said that makes me care? I understand goals, but why are they there? What is the truth? I can’t stand up for something I believe in if I don’t know what I’m fighting for. I can’t work hard if I don’t know the purpose.

4. Be Creative –
Getting out alive isn’t easy. Getting to the goal isn’t easy. What can we do that’s never been done? What gives us the edge on the horde outside? Ideas need to be generated, shared, evolved, updated, and carried out in order to reach the end. Something out of the ordinary can carry us above and beyond. Something different could make us the best. Something different could save us.

Common sense? Tips?
Is it really all the same thing?

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