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Earlier this month I released the first of many regular installments
here on the blog with Behind The Games Video. Now, for my next act,
a rabbit in a hat! Just kidding, I present to you “This Month In Great

As both a consumer and a man who eats, I recently visited an establishment
that I feel is deserving of note in this first installment. Jimmy John’s, the
“subs so fast you’ll freak” gourmet sandwich place was a huge part
of my college experience. They were one of the few eateries that would delivery
at 3:00 am while I worked in campus housing (*). The food is good, a
little pricey depending on what you get, but overall, enjoyable.

(*) Someday I will have to go into a great discussion about my lengthy trek as
a desk attendant and dorm security monitor at the University of Kansas. Ah
yes, the beauty of on-campus employment.

Now while I could go into discussing the merits of sourdough bread, I would
rather discuss my most recent experience at Jimmy John’s, and why it was a
solid example of great service.

1. Greeting: Upon making my way through the door, I was greeted immediately by
the employee at the counter. Then, in the background, two more employees also
yelled out, “Welcome to Jimmy John’s!”

2. Knowledge: I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat and the cashier not only
invited me to take as much time as I needed, she also made a recommendation.

3. Efficiency & Enthusiasm: I placed my order, and seriously, no joke, like
a bolt of lightning I had two employees, smiles on their faces, going to town
constructing my sandwich. They wrapped it up tight, threw a sticker on it,
personally handed it to me, and thanked me for coming.

4. Pride: I sat down, and began to enjoy my sandwich. I had been inside the
restaurant no more than 5 minutes. While I ate, I watched as the staff took
order after order, jumped at the chance to help a new customer, joked with
people at the drive-thru window, and during a short down time, went to work
cleaning tables and restocking the display racks. They worked together like a
well-oiled machine. In total, five employees in the storefront, with a few delivery
drivers stopping in every few minutes before they headed out on their next run.
You could tell that these employees liked their job.

Best part, worth mentioning, no doubt, four out of the five employees in the
storefront, no older than 18. And the supervisor/manager on duty, I would put
close to 21. If I was still in a position to hire people, I’d be recruiting these
folks right now.

Thank you Jimmy John’s! Great job, and great service!

Where have you gotten great service this month?

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